Our mission

Our mission

Good, beautiful and relevant products make the world a better place. As an industrial design agency, our mission has been to develop innovative ideas into tangible products since 1979. Products that product that are engineered to work perfectly, support the customer's mission, and are meaningful to the final user. To achieve this, we use several areas of expertises that we have as a product design studio and, we work closely within our specialist team  of designers and engineers.

Wat wij

What we do

In ons product ontwerpbureau ontwikkelen wij producten die in serie of massa worden geproduceerd. Wij zijn expert op het vlak van industriële productontwikkeling en voor elke stap in het productontwikkelingsproces kunt u bij ons terecht.

Op basis van uw eerste ideeën brainstormen wij samen verder om de koers te bepalen. Vervolgens zetten wij onze expertises als industrieel ontwerpbureau in om het product te verwezenlijken, tot en met de laatste details.

Want to know what WeLLDesign can do for you? Get to know our product design agency by giving us a call or, visit our studio in Utrecht and we will be happy to discuss it.


Years in the design industry


Developed products


Design awards received


Years of collective experience

Featured products

Citysurfer – Mygga electric scooter
Velopa – Articlean
Bloemenfust – Royal Flora Holland
ComfoAir Q – Zehnder

WeLLDesign designed a guardrail crossing for Rijkswaterstaat

Ontdek onze ontwerpen

We make meaningful products that make life better. From medical devices to coffee machines, from industrial housing systems to smart packaging; we can develop any type of product. Many start-ups, SMEs and multinationals have enlisted our help to develop their ideas into a tangible products.

As a product development agency, we developed, for example, the  Senseo® coffee machine, the ZaaK® garden office, the smarttag for cows, the guardrail crossing voor Rijkswaterstaat and a Heineken® beer tap. All successful products. Discover all our designs from our product design company in our portfolio.

Start working with us

Over the past four decades, as a product design agency, we have designed for many customers. Large and small, private and government, international and regional; for us, the process and the end result are equally important. Customers come back to us with new issues and challenges to solve with our expertise.

Would you also like to collaborate with WeLLDesign or are you simply curious about what we as a product design agency can do for you? We would like to get to know you. industrieel ontwerpbureau uw idee of product wel (door)ontwikkelen. Get in touch.   

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