Our team

Every day we work on the latest innovations with our team of dedicated designers. Each team member with his or her own expertise and experience. We are a diverse and ambitious group, consisting of experienced designers and young talent with innovative approaches. We look at every design challenge from different perspectives and we always manage to come up with original, practical and feasible solutions.

Werknemer foto

Mathijs van Dijk

Founder / CEO

Rob Willemsen 


Antoon Oosterhuis

Strategic business developer

Arjan Oosterhuis

Senior industrial design engineer

Kai Smit

Senior industrial design engineer

Luuk Boevink

Senior industrial design engineer

Manon Milner

Senior industrial design engineer

Joshua Hendrikse

Industrial design engineer

Louisa Bakker

Intern industrial design

Hendrik Pennekamp

Industrial design engineer

Luca Petersen

Industrial design engineer

Georges Mutsaerts

Industrial design engineer

Jack Serra

Industrial design engineer

How we operate

We have a unique way of working that we also call the WeLLDesign approach. We search beyond what is expected of us until we find a solution that meets all wishes. We are flexible, think along and we like complex issues: where others see problems, we see challenges!

Welldesign teamfoto
Welldesign teamfoto

Would you like to discuss your design challenge?

We denken graag mee over jouw ontwerpvraag, zelfs als je nog niet scherp hebt wat die ontwerpvraag precies is. Samen kunnen we deze namelijk concretiseren en een duidelijk plan van aanpak maken. We gaan graag in gesprek over wat wij voor je kunnen betekenen.

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