Continuing to innovate is an absolute necessity for your company to maintain a strong market position. You engage WeLLDesign for innovative solutions for your issue or the development of new products. WeLLDesign combines expertise in innovation, industrial design and engineering and more than 40 years of experience with the ambition and fresh perspective to continually create distinctive solutions for new questions. Solutions that meet the needs of your customer and end user, meet the current requirements of circularity and sustainability, are feasible and affordable and have a design that matches the core values of your company. Industrial product design is a systematic and integral process. 

Such a process is not linear, but always iterative. We leverage your knowledge and experience with your product and your market, keeping you regularly informed and involved in every phase with regular updates and invitations for consultations. Get familiar with our expertise and product design processes:


Generating ideas and solutions

We brainstormen over innovatieve ideeën

Ideation door middel van brainstorming

In the product development process, idea generation is always the first step, therefore, we generate as many ideas as possible for your application. To achieve this, we bring all the parties we need around the table. Based on all the input, we come up with a multitude of very diverse ideas. We select the most promising ideas based on criteria we establish with you. We visualize these with storyboards and sketches so that we can properly compare the concepts. Together with we make a well-considered choice, ending this phase with a clear concept.


Testing and further developing ideas

We prototypen en ontwerpen industriële producten

Testing by prototyping

Promising solutions for your application are translated into a test model as quickly as possible. This is a tangible product for testing the solution's principles and feasibility. The WeLLDesign design team is known for its highly developed hands-on approach that speeds up the process: a successful proof-of-concept or a proof-of principle validates the technical operating principle. Together with you, and the other relevant parties (such as decision makers and (end) users), we test whether the technical principle complies with the application's requirements.


The technical detailing of the product

We ontwerpen technische producten

Parts of a prototype for production

An essential phase in the design process: industrial design and engineering. Although considerations, such as cost, design, initial investment and sustainability, are almost always important, the scope and focus can differ per project. We therefore design based on the priorities determined with you as the client. With that in mind, we solve all kinds of engineering issues: the technical detailing of the product, the choice of materials, constructions, wall thicknesses and more. The result? A product that perfectly meets both your wishes and the needs of the end user, and that can be produced in mass or in series.


Making the product ready for production

We ontwerpen producten van begin tot eind

We baseren ontwerpkeuzes op de gekozen productiemethode

Good manufacturability leads to a competitive cost price. This phase is all about establishing an efficient production process. Including the production process of the parts and assembly into a complete product: we design for assembly & design for manufacturing. We strive for as few steps as possible in the production process and design your product in a way that it can be efficiently assembled. From the first steps of the development or design process, we take feasibility, the expected cost price and the expected investments for the production resources into account, further refining these during each subsequent phase.


Determining the correct design language

We helpen de vormtaal te bepalen

Op zoek naar de juiste vormtaal

It's not about beautiful or ugly, it's about whether the design fits your company and the target group. We determine the best design language for this. We not only look at the customer's current design language, but also at the desired market position. The design language is the means, the future market position is the goal. We find the right design language through a workshop with a diverse and essential group of people, from both the customer group and from WeLLDesign. Together we reflect on your core values and, using visual inspiration, we look for a design language that suits both your company and the target group. The result of this phase is a mood board that perfectly captures the desired design language: the basis for developing the design of your products.


Perfectly designing the product

We maken stijlvolle en moderne producten

Styling: an integral part of the design process

A new product must be aesthetic as well as functional. After all, design and styling play an important role in the user experience of a product or service. An attractive design can evoke positive emotions and convey a sense of value and quality. Your product is the most important ambassador of your brand and must therefore provide a positive experience. This phase cannot be seen as separate and is, as it were, interwoven with all other phases. Therefore, design is taken into account in almost every design choice. .


Designing a positive and effective user experience

We ontwerpen user interfaces voor producten

Designing a user interface

One of WeLLDesign's areas of expertise is developing a logical device operation. Human interaction is always central. The starting point is always that the operation should be as intuitive as possible. A good User Interface is therefore essential to cultivate a user's positive perception of a product. We design and optimize the interfaces by testing them with people who are seeing the product for the first time: by observing the interaction, we discover what can be improved. Ultimately, we arrive at an interface that is optimized in terms of layout, function and user-friendliness.


Defining challenges and generating ideas

We geven workshops en brainstormd

A workshop by Mathijs van Dijk

To achieve a sprint during the different development phases, we regularly organize a variety of workshops. We have years of experience in designing and organizing workshops that, not only are very enjoyable and dynamic, but most importantly also provide lots of inspiration and ideas. In sessions of anywhere from one to six days, involving all relevant stakeholders, including possibly consumers and suppliers, we efficiently identify challenges and generate ideas and solutions. We adapt the focus of the workshops to your project and your goals. From kick-off meetings and ideation hakathons for a flying start, to roadmapping product development and strategic design workshops, we offer a wide choice of workshops to think outside of the box and broaden our perspectives on the topic at hand.

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