With more than 40 years of experience, thinking ahead and questioning current reality is in our DNA. Innovation and WeLLDesign are therefore inextricably linked. We innovate services and products by anticipating the trends and needs of tomorrow. And we think that this is necessary as, every process or product reaches a time when it must adapt to emerging technologies, evolving social insights and new markets.

We zijn een divers en gedreven team van engineers


We call our unique way of working the WeLLDesign approach. We search beyond what is expected of us until we find a solution that meets all our wishes. We work closely with our customers and clients. Our hands-on mentality results in rapid developments, well-thought-out concepts, smart prototypes and strong end results.

For us, product development and strategic business development go hand in hand. Understanding the market is a key part of designing a good product. To this end, we ensure that the product not only is beautiful and works well, but also perfectly meets the needs of the intended target group. All this means that our products have a high return on investment.

We ontwerpen de technische onderdelen van producten
We hebben veel ervaring in productontwikkeling
We werken aan innovatieve producten
Onze producten zijn mooi

Through this approach, we have already designed many products that were the 'first of their kind'. For example, the well-known flower container for Royal Flora Holland, which is used in every flower store. And the first fully recyclable plastic garden chair, the Hartman-Royal Club. We developed the well-known guardrail crossing along the highways. And of course, not to be forgotten: we also designed the first Senseo machine. These are all products that have become an indispensable part of everyday life since their introduction in collaboration with us.


WeLLDesign bestaat al heel lang

We have been known as innovators since 1979 because we are often the first to generate a new solution, often through the application of new materials and techniques. For example, we were one of the first companies to adopt 3D CAD, a technology that is now inextricably linked to industrial design. Although the field has changed a lot over the years, our design philosophy has always been the same: we make possible what seems impossible!


Our results are noticed: WeLLDesign has already earned recognition with countless designs. From the Red Dot award to the IF Award and from the GIO to Wheel of Retail: our work often wins prizes. This is not a goal in-of-itself for us, but it is a confirmation: our good collaborations, the focus on the end user and the careful product development process produce innovative and inspiring projects.

Met het AXA fietsslot hebben we een IF award gewonnen
Met onze kabelkar hebben we een IF award gewonnen
Met de door ons ontworpen Royal Hartman tuinstoel hebben we awards gewonnen


Our focus is on Food, Health & Living. These are sectors in which the Netherlands is strong and where the major challenges lie. We mainly design series and mass products that are expected to have a long lifespan. Products that are so well put together that they will still be used 20 years from now.

Over the past 40 years we have been able to design for (and with) many customers. Large and Small, multinational and regional, the process and the end result are equally important to us. Our customers notice that our approach works, they come back to us with other issues to solve with to the WeLLDesign approach.

We hebben HISTOR verfpotten ontwikkelt
We hebben een product voor de publieke ruimte ontwikkelt
We ontwerpen innoverende producten
We hebben een kraan ontwikkeld
We ontwikkelen voor multinationals zoals Heineken
We ontwerpen ergonomische producten

Are you curious about our products and the stories behind them? Then take a look at our portfolio. Are you curious about what we can do for you? Please get in touch. We'd love to hear more about your design challenge. ­­

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