Revolution in Urban Mobility

MYGGA is the first electric scooter that makes it possible to drive sitting down and standing up without any adjustments. Safe and fast this CitySurfer will guide you quickly and safely through the busy city traffic. The super compact and versatile design guarantees a cool, fun and reliable new way to surf through the city. Also, MYGGA is easily stored with its minimal foot print, super important for inner city use!

HannoverMesse 2014 .

Citysurfer Mygga, varianten, e-scooter

Elektrische scooter: de Mygga



Citysurfer Mygga, elektrische scooter, e-scooter

Surf the city met de Mygga e-scooter


Concept & Ontwerp: WeLLDesign
Producer: M-Products, BV





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