The development of the Histor Paint can and Flower Can of Royal Flora Holland are separated by 25 years but are connected by an important similarity. The round bucket was redesigned to a square version and the round paint can experienced a similar transition. The result? Two special, timeless and functional icons.

WeLLDesign developed the Flower can in 1980 in close collaboration with both the auction and the nursery. It started with an intensive development process and redesign of the bucket. The end result is unbeatable in its space saving, light and stable design and adjusted specially to the nursery, auction and trade. Currently, 40 years after development, the Flower can is used world wide in countless auctions and is the absolute world standard for over 30 years. Curious to this realization? Click here .

25 years later we accepted a similar challenge, but this time for a true Dutch paint brand Histor, part of PPG since 2007. WeLLDesign won in 2010 the pitch for Histor with the concept for the Paint can. The new, pioneering packaging concept is based on user experience. An extensive research – the customer journey – towards the complete painting process lead to this new concept. The space saving and easily manageable plastic packaging: a packaging that doesn’t drip after pouring, is better to close, doesn’t leave hard paint behind and ensures logistical advantages. The Paint can has won the “Gouden Noot” and the Dutch Design Award (DDA). Click here to learn more about this paint-innovation.

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