We used to be content with our cup of coffee at home: the coffee from big kettles at work weren’t a match for the coffee we drank at home in the Melitta filter. Then, beautiful machines with all sorts of flavors became available for companies. Which lead to new coffee makers at home and the discovery of the delicious espresso! Now, it doesn’t matter where you are: your addiction to coffee is fed both at home and at work.

Although… only when the machine works properly and dispenses good quality coffee. With that challenge, WeLLDesign started its process. In 1985 WeLLDesign developed the first table top fresh brew coffee machine, de VanNelle EspritWeLLDesign developed lot sof professional coffee machines and was later at the start of the Senseo. WAACS Design designed the styling and WeLLDesign developed the technology with the first prototype series. The world of coffee changed drastically with the introduction of the Senseoand many companies tried to piggyback on its success. Senseo .

These beautiful developments aren’t limited to just coffee. With our acquired knowledge on dosing and dispensing we see other beautiful possibilities for both in- and outside the food branch. For instance, we developed dosing and dispensing systems for other cold and hot drinks (i.e. BevyzSDSZengo), dry products (Cup-a-Soup), high viscous liquids like soapDreumex), sealantPCCoxand medicineEvalanWe call this way of working cross-over innovation: apply our experience of one market segment into another.

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