Wednesday afternoon pancakes! Using a large wooden spoon to make syrup figures on your pancake. Suddenly, a large blob and away goes your creation. How could this be improved? CSM wanted a completely different packaging for their new syrup to obtain an important market share. We as WeLLDesign looked for a new packaging that could increase the joy of eating pancakes. And we accomplished that! Even dads like to mess around with the syrup marker.

Allready in 1994 we developed the Crazy syrup marker: an innovative packaging specially for the user. The design was a success: the youngest generation made beautiful works of art without creating a mess on the dinner table. The original concept brought along a rise in the syrup usage with it. And so the objective of CSM was accomplished. A year later the Crazy syrup marker won the Wheel of Retail Food Award.

WeLLDesign was responsible for the conceptthe design, engineering and the implementation of production. We are very proud! The Bungel syrup marker has grown to a true nostalgic product, because everyone grows up with it. That is something that characterizes WeLLDesign: the drive towards innovation with a long economical life cycle. Developed in the early nineties and still it can be found in both residential homes and restaurants. Not just an innovation but also a product that brings together multiple generations.

Do you want to learn more about the development of the Bungel syrup marker? Click here.

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