At the building exhibition, February 2019, VBI showed their ‘floor of the future’ concept. A prefab, light and instant flat floor with integrated pipes and installatiosn that can be mounted easily and dry. Both concrete and acoustic materials can be used beneath this floor. An innovation session in 2018 facilitated by Mathijs van Dijk from WeLLDesign – requested by VBI – brought this breakthrough.

Mathijs van Dijk was asked because of his vision in constructional industrialization and his years of experience with innovation and product development in this sector. 

The development of this ‘floor of the future’ is the result of conversations between VBI and an innovation panel consisting of experts and customers from the building column. For this VBI organized round table and expert meetings. The floor is industrially manufactured and processed in the construction process, becoming a logical part of the hull constructions of tomorrow.

VBI is the industrial party. The development of this floor fits withing the increasing use of prefab in construction. The Netherlands implement this in an increasing rate, but is not on the level of that of Denmark. Almost 98% is prefabricated in Denmark. On the other hand, prefabrication holds only 5% of the total market in Germany. Still, also a strong growth can be seen there.


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