As we strive towards a circular economy, plastics become not just a wish but sometimes also a burden. A lot of well functioning products ask for a redesign to meet the environmental ideal. New products are designed nowadays with a focus on circularity.

WeLLDesign was a early adopter in the redesign of metal and wooden products to plastic versions. A nice example is the first plastic mechanical housing fan products.p met de herontwikkeling van metalen of houten producten naar varianten in kunststof. Een mooi voorbeeld daarvan zijn  de eerste kunststof mechanische ventilatieproducten voor  woningen.

 About 50 years back the first plastics appeared that could be applied in quality products. In the beginning, plastics had a low-quality image. WeLLDesign developed the first plastic chain guards for De Woerd and Sparta. Plastic side panels for gas powered stoves; the Bloemenfust box to replace the zinc equivalent; the foldable Hartman Royalclub as a replacement for the white painted wooden tuinstoelThe amazing form freedom, air and water tightness and the affordability, the possibilities are endless.

Hartman Royal Chairs

In the mid 80’s we started developing mechanical fan systems for Zehnder – back then J.E. Stork Air. Together with resource suppliers, injection moulders and mold makers extensive research was done towards plastics, mold constructions, detailing of wall thicknesses, draft angles and sprue gates. As a result, the CML mechanical evacuator system was introduced: a successful revolution that was copied by many competitors. The the CEO Paul Jansen: ‘WeLLDesign looks further than the initial question, is an innovator, well-known in building, flexible, delivers top-design and has therefore contributed to a lot of innovations at Zehnder’. Not much later, WeLLDesign developed the MX for Zehnder. This rooftap fan was a new challenge because the product had to withstand heavy weather conditions and bright sunshine without loosing quality. tens of thousands of these fans are still located on roof tops; both domestically and in foreign countries. And still, 20 years after introduction it is still being produced.

Even now, WeLLDesign still works together with Zehnder – a 30 year relationship!

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