Innovations that make a substantial contribution to the major social issues facing the sector.

On Wednesday the 10th of April was the Rabobank Innovation Challenge 2019 presented at Building Holland. Being member of jury was hard with so many interesting and meaningful entries.

“The distinctive character and effectiveness in the building sector is being determined in an increasing rate by the extend in which people is able to innovate and cooperate. With the cooperation with Building Holland and its award we want to actively stimulate the building sector to innovate in circular thinking, digitization and energy transition.”

The Rabobank sponsors the Innovation Challenge by being partner of Building Holland. Rabobank stimulates complete chain innovation with this Award. Roel van de Bilt, director of Real Estate Finance at Rabobank thinks it’s important that construction companies can grow by increasing sustainable thinking and technological innovations, so they can produce more cost efficient, can realize at a quicker pace and can build sustainably to come to a better end product.

 Rabobank Innovation Challenge 2019

That is why Building Holland and Rabobank challenges organisations to present their innovations at the Rabobank Innovation Challenge. We want to award meaning with the Rabo Innovation Award. Meaning that innovations entail for solving societal issues in a direct or indirect manner. This can be in the form of new materials, products, production techniques, concepts, business models or even complete propositions. The jury will assess on impact, scalability, renewal and value to the customer. New in 2019 is an Award will be presented in three categories: Digitizing, circularity and energy transition

The nominees


  • Peikko Belenys: Circular anchoring system for prefab concrete columns

With this anchoring system it is possible to reuse prefab concrete columns in another building. With the Peikko system the column is constructively connected with anchor bolts and column shoes. Lees verder.

  • Hyraloop Systems b.v.: Hydraloop, smart in-home water recycling

Hydraloop is an instant fit&forget grey water recycling system. Hydraloop recycles water from bathing, douche and washing machine. The recycled water is to be used in toilet, washing machines, gardens and swimming pools. With Hydraloop it is possible to save 45% of tap water and reduce sewer emission by 45% Lees verder.

  • iCell: iCell Skiva

iCell Skiva is a circular, high end isolation mat made from old news papers. News papers (cellulose) are good insulators against warmth and cold and sound. The natural basis is guarantees good moist control. Lees verder.

  • VDR Bouwgroep/Nexteria: Nexteria, Circular Company housing

Nexteria combines three developments into a single concept: circular cunstruction, circular economy and circular area development. Before the cunstruction work starts, the affiliated companies agree on disassembly conditions. At the end of their life cycle, the partners take their materials back and bring them back into the circular chain to become resource for a future cycle Lees verder.

  • Green-Basilisk b.v.: Self-Healing Concrete

Green Basilisk develops additives for self-healing concrete to increase the self-healing properties of constructions. With self-healing concrete there is hardly any armor corrosion. Its concrete lasts 50% longer, doesn’t need maintenance which means less harassment for the environment. Lees verder.


  • FLOVEA: Flowbox interactive

Flowbox Interactive is a smart and ‘connected’ sanitary system that anticipates on user’s needs. It adapts to the user’s habits. Thanks to techniques to monitor leakage Flowbox sends gathered information to a connected interface and enables the user to close the valve from distance. This results in a reduced water usage. Lees verder.

  • Gooee: IoT Building Intelligence Platform

This open platform brings building control, communication, monitoring and data analysis together. The application can be used by the building owner or facility manager to improve a building’s performance. The application offers both economical and building control benefits. Lees verder.

  • KYP Flow: KYP Flow

KYP and VORM have digitized a step-by-step card system. This system maps the construction process. KYP Flow simplifies the process to a standardized system in such a way that returning parts can be implemented faster. By standardizing the process it is clear what, where and in what way certain steps should be executed. Lees verder.

  • White Lioness Technologies: Packhunt io is a new software platform to execute product, project and process innovations in different sectors by means of of Digital Twins. offers companies the ability to digitize without huge investments in programmers and software development teams. Lees verder.

  • CADblanche: CADblanche framework

CADblanche is a custom developed framework that can automate engineering and configuration of construction concepts for customers by 100 percent. Making use of parametric construction parts can generate countless possible solutions. It offers the opportunity to combine old fashioned processes to a single process. Lees verder.


  • Hamwells: Blue

Blue is a douche with an integrated heat recovery system to reduce the usage of warm tap water by 1,4 liters per minute. Because the heat recovery system is integrated the douche can be installed in places where these kind of systems normally cannot be applied. Lees verder.

  • Factory Zero: iCEM (Integrated Climate & Energy Module)

All installation parts a integrated in a module of less than one square meter, making it possible to fit in every low-rise homes. The module makes it easy for construction workers to build ‘gasless’ homes. The complete system is tested in the factory, is easily raised through the roof and only needs to be connected to the house. Lees verder.

  • Lightwell: LightMotion – de Laadlantaarn

The LightMotion makes it possible to drive electric without putting up extra street furniture. All single smart city innovations are combined into one solution. The ‘laadlantaarn’ brings together 5G, EV charging, climate technology sensors, cctv systems and lighting within a single lamppost Lees verder.

  • Orange Climate: PCM Klimaatvloer

The PCM (Phase Change Materials) climate floor concept buffers energy in the floor for later usage. This decreases the power need for warming and cooling by two, so a smaller heat pump suffices. This concept entails a low power heat pump boiler 3,5 kW warm tap water, heat recovery system, low temperature floor heating with PCM boxes and a hydraulic set. Lees verder.

  • Rc Panels

Rc Panels are glued sandwich elements produced by vacuum technology measuring 13 by 4 meters. These elements are industrially equipped with window frames and facade finishing with minimal material additives. Lees verder.


Doekle Terpstra (Voorzitter, TechniekNL) (voorzitter)
Biense Dijkstra (Bouwondernemer, BGDD)
Mathijs van Dijk (Industrieel ontwerper, WeLLDesign)
Wouter Truffino (Ondernemer, Holland ConTech & PropTech en Global PropTech Online)
Leontien de Waal (Senior marktanalist Bouw, Rabobank)
Marjet Rutten (Onderneemster, marketeer, inspirator, schrijfster)
Alexander Suma (Directeur, IBIS Powernest – winnaar Innovation Challenge 2018)
Wietse Walinga (Ondernemer, Duurzaam Gebouwd)
Richard Klein (Event Director, Building Holland)

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