Innovations that make a substantial contribution to the major social issues facing the sector.

With the Building Holland Innovation Challenge 2018, Building Holland and Innovations From Holland want to highlight innovations with impact. Innovations that make a substantial contribution to the major social issues facing the sector: CO2 reduction (energy use of buildings and bound energy in materials), climate adaptation, resource use, healthy indoor air of buildings, suitable living environments and the strong aging of technical staff. It is certain that better and cheaper building solutions have to be devised for this. Industrialization and digitization are key concepts. Eligible are innovations that are produced, developed or applied in practice in pilots, experiments or projects in the Netherlands.2-reductie (energiegebruik gebouwen en gebonden energie in materialen), klimaatadaptatie, grondstoffenverbruik, gezonde binnenlucht van gebouwen, passende woonmilieus en de sterke vergrijzing van technisch personeel. Vast staat dat daarvoor betere en goedkopere bouwoplossingen bedacht moeten worden. Industrialisatie en digitalisering zijn daarbij sleutelbegrippen. In aanmerking komen innovaties die in Nederland worden geproduceerd, ontwikkeld of concreet toegepast in pilots, experimenten of projecten.Whenever you have to write an article, start by writing the first draft, then rewrite to make sure your ideas are clearly formulated. If this is not the case, fix your article by deleting parts, changing the order of the paragraphs, or adapting the style to your target audience. To re-read an article is to pay particular attention to details: misspelt words or grammar and punctuation errors. It is not that easy like to try to buy a coursework .

Innovation Challenge 2018

That is why Building Holland and Innovations From Holland are challenging organizations to announce their Innovations and to sign up for the Innovation Challenge. We want to reward meaning with the presentation of the Innovation Award. Meaning that innovations have for the direct or indirect solving of these social issues. It may for example be: new materials, products, production technologies, concepts, business models, software or even complete propositions. The jury will assess them on impact, scalability, innovation level and customer value.

 The jury

Ruud Koornstra, Energiecommissaris, voorzitter

Wouter Truffino, Matchmaker Technologie, Holland ConTech & PropTech

Marjet Rutten, Onderneemster, marketeer, inspirator, schrijfster

Lianda Sherp Koomen, Programmamanager, Urban Energy

Mathijs van Dijk, Industrial Designer, WeLLDesign

Wietse Walinga, Ondernemer, Duurzaam Gebouwd

René Savelsberg, Ondernemer, SET Ventures

Jan Willem van de Groep, Ondernemer, Factory Zero

Peter Fraanje, Booosting, platform voor koplopers in bouwinnovatie

Jan-Maarten Elias, Bestuurslid, NEVAP


Sluiting inschrijving                                                                             16 maart 2018

Bekendmaking nominaties                                                                 30 maart 2018

Uitreiking Building Holland Innovation Award                                  18 april 2018

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