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Het lijkt een gegeven voor de komende tijd (2020). We willen degenen die ons lief zijn graag dichtbij hebben, echt zien, in de ogen kunnen kijken en dan elkaar spreken. Of juist even stil te blijven en alleen maar naar elkaar te kijken. Een glimlach, een knikje, een knipoog, een traan. Het ChatKot bezoekhuisje maakt het mogelijk.

The ChatKot visitor house for safe visits: of family and friends, like visiting the sick, condolences, but also congratulations, maternity visit in your own garden or on the sidewalk, first dates …
Seeing someone from up close, is so much more than a talking head on a screen.

The ChatKot visitor house for safe contact: in hospitals and other healthcare centres, in educational institutions, at pubs or cafe terraces, in malls, in parks, at business areas, …

The ChatKot visitor home for a private conversation: voor spreekuren, supervisie en coachingsgesprekken, mondelinge tentamens of examens, scriptiebesprekingen, oudergesprekken, een zakelijk gesprek, kortom voor overal waar mensen elkaar willen zien en spreken.

A visitor, conversation, or discussion house with an inviting design. ‘ChatKot’ conversation, or discussion house with an inviting design. To see the different design, visit the project page in our portfolio.
Made from light weight and translucent circular material. Bad weather proof. Easily placeable and displaceable. Hygenic, sanitary and easy to clean.

Against a door or window, or free-standing; temporary or here to stay; small, medium or large;
for inside or outside; open or more closed for more privacy;
now for preventing the spread of Corona, later …, in any case: a lasting value.

ChatKot, visitehuisje, bezoekhuisje, glazen huis

WeLLDesign developed the ChatKot in the models C, H, A, and T, for different purpuses, functions, and places. To be used in various ways as visitor house, consultation house, conversation house or company house. For regular visits, various work related talks, maternity visit, congratulations or condolences.

The ChatKot: because seeing someone whole and up close offers so much more than a talking head on a screen.

Each ChatKot is made from light weight circular material. Its translucent properties cause a pleasant ambiance. Bad weather proof. Easily moveable and displaceable. Hygenic, sanitary and excellent cleaning properties.

The many possibilities and options result in multifunctional models with a multitude of applications. You can choose the design that best fits with you or your application.

Chatkot, ontmoetingshuisje, praatpunt

Verschillende varianten van het Chatkot


ChatKot Model C

The sideways position of the discussion partners or interlocutors makes it convenient to have more formal meetings. The centrally placed tables are ideal for making notes and comparing those if necessary. With its slanting walls, Model C is an icon with its own unique appearance and offers the residents more comfort, which is convenient at enduring conversations.

Productblad Chatkot model c

ChatKot Model C in perspective with product properties


ChatKot model C is fit for private conversations::

for consultation hours, supervision and coaching discussions, oral examinations, thesis talks, business conversations, so for everywhere that people want or need to meet.

Chatkot, bezoekershuisje

Varianten van model C


Model H

ChatKot Model H’s inviting appearance makes this model perfect for placement at various places, requiring various functions. The informal character of this ‘Dutch Design’ is inviting for a chat.

Chatkot, Bezoekcabine, bezoekkamer, bezoekcontainer, bezoekruimte, coronaproof, babbelbox

Model H met producteigenschappen


Model H can be placed againts a door or window, or as a stand-alone product. It can be placed as a temporary object or for the long term. In small, medium or large. Inside or outside. With an open character or more closed for more privacy.

ChatKot Model H is fit for safe contact and design for placement and application in:

Ziekenhuizen en andere zorginstellingen, onderwijsinstellingen, horeca en horecaterrassen, winkelcentra, parken of op bedrijventerreinen.


Model A

The modern design of Model A makes it ideal for safe visits. With its top-to-bottom window and personal space, this model is excellent for having intimate conversations or a first aqcuaintance with full vision to the other side. A unique connection system optimizes and adjusts to different and everchanging personal situations.


Chatkot model A, producteigenschappen, productblad

Chatkot model A in perspectief met producteigenschappen

ChatKot Model A is well-suited for safe visits from family and friends: .

Visiting the sick, condolences, congratulations, first dates, maternity visit, in your own garden or on the side walk.

An example for an application of Model A

With friends or coworkers dining safely with teh security of 1,5 meters behind you by using a separate table.

For at home, food service industry (‘Kitchen order Ticket’) inside or outside, institution or company.

For where ever you want.

Misset Horeca, chatkot

Chatkot modellen A en C


Model T

The basic design of Model T is easily adjustable in size. Model T is fit for various applications and can meet different demands. The spacious entrance and flat panels result in improved privacy. Model T has a pleasant uniform incidence of light without compromising on bad weather proofness.

Chatkot model T

Chatkot Model T in perspectief samen met producteigenschappen

For at home, food service industry (‘Kitchen order Ticket’), institution or company

For where ever you want.

Together we bring people closer to each other safely

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