A new doormat

Evert Zuiddam, Director of Gezu in Nijkerk, found in WeLLDesign the right partner to design and develop a completely new doormat concept, the Rizz. 

This doormat tackles dirt more rigorously than any other. The tread makes the dirt fall through the mat.The Rizz’s modular design allows a wide choice of materials, shapes, colours and sizes. The use of robust materials, such as wood and aluminium, give the mat its chic look and feel.

RiZZ, Deurmat, schoonloopmat, buitenmat

Ontwikkeling van de RiZZ

WeLLDesign took on the design and product development of this high-class doormat. chique deurmatThe Rizz doormat has grown to become a globally recognised brand and is internationally presented at trade fairs in Amsterdam, Paris and Milan.




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