Industrial design van de Telligence 5.0

Het industrial design voor het Ascom Telligence 5.0 verpleegoproepsysteem is door WeLLDesign uitgevoerd nadat zij een pitch had gewonnen van een Amerikaans en een ander Europees Design bureau.

Ascom over the past years, Ascom has acquired product lines for nurse call systems. The three existing lines had to be assembled into a new system, in combination with a new global design. WeLLDesign examined the most important design elements of Ascoms’ visual brand identity, combined with global design trends for healthcare products. Based on this, the sketch phase started.

WeLLDesign onderzocht de belangrijkste design elementen van de visuele merkidentiteit van Ascom en de global designtrends voor health care producten, waarop de schetsfase volgde.

Patiënten communicatie unit, Ascom

De voormalige patiënten communicatie unit.

Internationaal team

The team of WeLLDesign consisted of industrial designers and mechanical engineers, working in close cooperation with the international team of Ascom located in the USA and Europe. They communicated via Skype in the afternoon.

It was a major challenge to fit the desired cutting edge technology and electronics in a compact housing, which allowed for maximum modularity.


The phases of the design process consisted of:

  • Research of global design trends;
  • Sketches based on trends and brand values;
  • Industrial Design as a continuation of the chosen concept;
  • .
  • Mock-ups for ergonomic tests and a visual assessment.
  • Detailed engineering of the design, with provisional design reviews, in which the suitability with technology, ergonomics, modularity and aesthetics were the most important subjects.
  • Capture the design in 3D CAd of the ‘Design Definition’, e.g. applicable radius will be defined.

Telligence 5.0: Verpleegoproepsysteem voor zorgverleners

The previous outlined process resulted in the introduction of the Ascom Intelligence 5.0 Nurse Call.

The new appliances are custom made for caregivers and is one of the most flexible, yet comprehensive, systems available. Thereby, all communication is enriched with valuable context. This ensures that the right information is delivered to the right caregiver at the right time for appropriate responses when and where needed.

Ascom Telligence 5.0 ziekenhuistelefoon

  • Structure communication and collaboration of caregivers: Ascom Telligence initiates the efficient management of tasks and calls, in a way that caregivers can easier handle and follow those calls. This enables them to react with minimum hassle.
  • Clinical workflows at the bed: The workflow buttons of the Ascom Telligence, which can be defined by the users itself, enables caregivers to spend more time at the bedside. A simple touch on the button of the device directly connects colleagues. Requests, updates and alarms will go immediately from the patient-room to the laboratory, pharmacy, administration, security and so forth.
  • The patients’ voice: The reliable Ascom Telligence provides patients with a powerful voice. Due to the loose voice modules, staff-to-patient communication can easily be extended to care areas. Patients gain more control over their environment, e.g. awning, television, radio, lighting and information systems. Thereby, patients can send a specific demand for help, resulting in quicker responses to patients needs to enhance satisfaction.


The ergonomic path to patient satisfaction

The assortment of Ascom Telligence patient handsets includes all possible, ranging from buttons to call a nurse as well as handsets with a wider range of buttons, that combine nurse call functions with television, radio, awning and lightning.

  • Patients are enabled to send out a specific request for help (e.g. water, pain, toilet) to a specific caregiver, which results in quicker responses to patient’s needs.
  • Caregivers can reduce time spent and walking distances due to advanced voice possibilities, which enables them to talk with patients before going to the patient-room.

The Ascom Telligence appliances are intuitive and flexible. .This ensures that the right information is delivered to the right caregiver at the right time for appropriate responses when and where needed.

  • Service tasks recognize the specific needs of patients and assist the staff to accurately prioritize caregiving.
  • Supports initiatives for the security of patients, as patient’s calls can easily be scaled up from routine to critical to notify Rapid Response or other emergency teams.
  • Well-defined. The Telligence Nurse Call provides advanced audio communications: clear digital audio, adjustable room volume and push-to-talk functionality.

Allows staff to work more efficiently and simultaneously supports the safety of patients with switching material such as patient-room devices, modules attached to both the bed and to the door, an external input module for medical and non-medical devices, pull cords and flexible self-contained speech modules. . . . .

Patiëntenhandset, Ascom telligence 5.0

Modules van de patientenhandsets van het verpleegoproepsysteem

  • The adjustable colors, texts and icons of the buttons can be adapted to fit specific needs.
  • Switching equipment, provided with RJ-45 connections, are ‘hot-swappable’ to minimize system interruptions.
  • Cost-effective, modular concept that allows you to tailor systems to fit specific needs.





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