Bredemeijer Teo mokkenset

Teo. Bredemeijer was looking for a set of market distinctive tea and coffee mugs that would appeal to a wide audience. A design strategy workshop helped define the design language. Using sketches and foam models, we found the optimal design.


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Bredemeijer’s Teo mugs are simple, cheerful and handy. Due to the different colour levels of the mugs, each mug is unique – so it’s easy to spot your own. Bredemeijer .

Their ergonomic design makes the mugs comfortable to hold. Their size makes them easy to use and they are compatible with the Senseo Crema. The mugs are sold in sets of 4.They are made from new bone china and are available in several colours. In addition to the mugs, WeLLDesign designed the packaging and Teo logo.

Bredemeijer Wing theeset

WingWith its bold contemporary design, tea set Wing stands out in the market. The oblong shaped saucer leaves room beside the cup for a tea bag, sugar lumps or a sweet treat. Chocolates do not melt as they don’t touch the warm cup.

The Wing tea set is made from new bone china and is available as a complete set. The tea set design and design strategy were carried out by WeLLDesign, in close collaboration with the client.

Wing packaging

To create the compact box and optimum use of pallet space, WeLLDesign used 3D software, resulting in super efficient arrangement of the tea set in the box.

Completing the design language, the tea set is depicted in silhouette on the outer packaging. 3D and 2D design, logo and packaging – for the total tea set concept, everything matches perfectly, which gives Wing its strong identity.

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Voor een samenwerking van Porceleyne fles, Kristal-Glas Leerdam and Zilverfabriek Voorschoten heeft WeLLDesign decoratieve tafelproducten vormgegeven van internationale allure.



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