ZaaK® and the Multidispenser are presented digitally. ZaaK® can be visited live as well!

ZaaK® garden office will be presented virtually at the GOED INDUSTRIEEL ONTWERP 2020/21 exhibition in Klokgebouw. You can also visit and experience ZaaK® during the Dutch Design Week from the 16th to 24th of October. Go to the TU/e campus, Den Dolech 2 in Eindhoven. This location is free to visit.

ZaaK, Dutch design Week, Eindhoven campus
Zaak tijdens de Dutch Design Week op de TU/e campus

ZaaK® is designed by WeLLDesign and received a Good Industrial Design (GIO) recognition in 2020. It was presented at the virtual Dutch Design Week exhibition. ZaaK® is also featured in the Dutch Designers Yearbook 2020.

For more information, please visit

Vrouw werkend in ZaaK
Werken in de ZaaK® is ontspannend door de goede lichtinval en luchtkwaliteit.


Multidispenser views
Multidispenser aanzichten open en dicht, voor- en zijkant.

WeLLDesign developed the Multidispenser to dose viscous foodstuffs like soup, sauce and porridge warm and cold. consumable This patented dispenser is unique because the consumable does not come into contact with parts of the dispenser. Easy to handle & maintain, and super hygienic.

Multidispenser operation,
Multidispenser scenario: pouch wordt geplaatst, leeg gedoseerd en verwijderd.

As well as ZaaK®, the Multidispenser received a Good Industrial Design (GIO) recognition. The dispenser will be presented at the GIO exhibition of the Dutch Design Week in Klokgebouw.

The dispenser is being marketed by

Multidispenser context, food truck, food festival
Multidispenser in context: een food festival is een goede omgeving voor de dispenser.

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