WeLLDesign presents new developments and products for building innovation and sustainability

At Building Holland 2021, WeLLDesign presents new developments and products for building innovation and sustainability. At our stand, nr. 8.097, we present among others ultra light weight construction panel made from a thermoplastic composite material: unique due to the integration of construction and insulation. bouwpaneel van thermoplastisch composiet: uniek door de integratie van constructie én isolatie.

Onze visuals bij de stand 8.097

At the Innovation Boulevard, stand 8.194, WeLLDesign presents the stackable installation module for the energy transition of gallery flats. See:

WeLLDesign specializes in the development of industrial producable building products and systems, products for the energy transition and in innovation for the building environment. See:

See you at Building Holland!

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Onze relevante producten

InstallatieschachtStackable installation module to connect gallery flats to a heat network. The module contains a ventilation system with heat recovery, boiler and heat pump booster per apartment.
The modular approach enables serial production independent of the number of storeys of the gallery flats.
It was developed on behalf of Mijnwater bv.

Mijnschacht als onderdeel van de GIO expositie in het Cube Designmuseum
Installatieschacht schaalmodel in het Cube Designmuseum als onderdeel van de GIO expositie

MyCubyThis modular sanitairy system is based on ‘platform thinking’ and can be placed in a home, hotel, loft, as a complete plug and play 3D module. The system can also be brought into a building through the front door or elevator as complete 2D modules. You can built a complete sanitary bathroom within a few hours. Or a combination of sanitary room and kichen.

MyCuby modulaire badkamersysteem gebaseerd op platform denken.

DCUTraditional central heating and air refreshment are characterized by a heat source i.e. motor that, in most cases, delivers over capacity. Energy wastage. On top of that, a lot of energy is wasted in the pipes. The decentralized units (DCU) of Tegnis accurately adjust the demand for heating and air refreshment to the space in which they are positioned. WeLLDesign is intensively involved in the product development from concept to an industrial product system.

The DCU in context

About Building Holland 202

The global sustainability objectives are a serious issue. They are ambitions to say the least. And that’s the exact reason why Building Holland is an accellerator for sustainable innovations. On 2nd, 3rd and 4th of November, visions, innovations and solutions are presented to show to the building and real estate environment how they can achieve their decisive role into the ‘net zero’ transition. Our strength is to assemble partial solutions that are each part of the integral solution.

Are you curious to all the innovative projects the Netherlands have to offer in the field of sustainability in the building environment? Do you want to be part of the integral solution? Visit Building Holland 2021!!

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