If you ever used one of the yellow emergency telephones in teh past 30 years in The Netherlands, is familiar with the cross-over step of Rijkswaterstaat: the yellow supports that can be used to easily step over the guarding rail. In late 2017, over 3350 emergency telephones were removed by the Royal Dutch Touring Club ANWB. But our cross-over step stayed. Not where the emergency telephones used to be, but at those places where for safety reasons people need to be able to cross over the guarding rail.

Even when the emergency telephones are gone, telephoning during a breakdown is still today’s news. Preferably at a safe location: behind the guarding rail. That is why there are a couple thousand of vangrailoverstappen to be found next to the Dutch high-ways. Also at the construction of new high-ways, these cross-over steps are placed. WeLLDesign developed this safe and ergonomic solution over 30 years ago. A tremendous challenge in multiple fields.

Besides ergonomics, primarily safety and flexibility were crucial for the design. The steps needed to easily kink to the side to prevent extra danger and damage to cars. The cross-over step has grown to a real icon that everyone recognizes, without realizing it. An innovative solution with an exceptional long lifespan! Both technically as economically.

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