Opening of extended A4 with guardrail transition

The construction of the new highway between Delft and Schiedam, that has been discussed for about 65 years, will end the traffic jams on the A4 between The Hague and Rotterdam.

The familiar crash barrier crossings are again present along this highway. These barriers represent a ‘classic’ that was developed by WeLL Design for the Department of Highways in the ‘90s.


Plans for the ‘missing’ stretch of highway between Delft and Schiedam date from the ‘50s of the last century. Construction of the highway seemed to start at the end of the ‘60s when the sandy groundworks were laid. Fierce and continuing environmental protests halted ongoing contruction in the ‘70s. More than 40 years later, on 18 October 2011 an alliance of building companies called A4all signed the contract with the Department to realize the new 4-mile stretch.

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