Friday teh 12th of April CityHub Utrecht located at Atoomweg 1 was officially opened. Rinse van der Woude – Chief Innovation Officer of CityHub had asked Mathijs van Dijk – CEO WeLLDesign – to adorn this opening with a lecture.

Mathijs van Dijk – CEO WeLLDesign – presenteert bij de opening van City Hub Utrecht

‘Towards a circular future’ was the subject of Mathijs van Dijk’s lecture. With new circular materials of thermoplastic composites, WeLLDesign develops applications for the construction and transport industry. Next to its studio and laboratory at the Atoomclub Utrecht, WeLLDesign rents hubs at CityHub for building 1-to-1 prototypes of (partial) residences. With that WeLLDesign tests the industrially manufacturing structural elements that they have developed and designed for the power transition of single-family homes and apartment buildings.

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