A part of Centrale Lage Weide is being transformed into an Energy Solution Incubator.

A part of Centrale Lage Weide is being transformed into an Energy Solution IncubatorThis authentic location in Utrecht offers both space and atmosphere. Rightly so it is industrial heritage. Elements that trigger WeLLDesign in the search for a possible new accommodation.

Centrale Lage Weide als energy Solution Incubator

Energy Solution Incubator wants to offer a platform for the realization of constructive solutions for issues in energy and power consumption. That is why it is developing unused space in Centrale Lage Weide to an incubator. There are numerous possibilities from accommodation and performing test projects, to inspiring with new solutions.

Centrale Lage Weide als Energy Solution Incubator

WeLLDesign got a tour through the old power plant and the one that is still in use to get insight into the possibilities for this characteristic building. Offices were assessed based on their potential. Is the room inspiring? Is there enough space for all the different types of work a designer performs? Is the space for assembly activities and tests flexible? What are the options concerning networks? And what about other facilities? All good questions to come to a valid assessment.

Various spaces within the power plant are visited and assessed. Not just those where WeLLDesign can build (big) prototypes, but also the current power plant of Eneco. Wearing the obligatory safety jackets, helmets and glasses the team walked in astonishment and awe through the enormous spaces. Some measuring up to 25 meters high.

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