Design brief

Berg Toys came to WeLLDesign with the question: how do you create more play fun without exceeding the existing cost price? This led to the start of the development of the Kick 360. This scooter stands out in a competitive market.


In order to create true added value, WeLLDesign and BergToys developed the scooter together with skaters and BMX riders. This cooperation generated the idea of an integrated stunt deck, resulting in a unique scooter with an extended board. It offers a multitude of stunts: you can even perform a wheelie! The large wheels of the scooter make it ride smoothly for super fast racing.


Bergtoys Kick360 logo

De Kick 360

WeLLDesign was responsible for the concept, design and engineering of the Kick 360. We produced fast test models to maximise the fun and we took care of the graphic design and the Kick 360 logo.

Bergtoys Kick360

De doelgroep die de Kick 360 goed test met een stoppie.



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