For Aqcess

In 1998, Aqcess asked WeLLDesign to develop an unrivalled portable PC for use by doctors, insurance agents, employees of department stores, oil rigs, etc. This was the Qbe.

As developing partner, WeLLDesign provided an integrated approach for product development: project management, industrial design, mechanical engineering, and supplier sourcing, including selection and communication with client and suppliers in Taiwan.

Aqcess Qbe

The product

Our team suggested a die-cast magnesium casing for the best heat transfer and for a high-end, professional look while retaining its optimal solidity.

The Qbe has an e-commerce card reader, modular video camera, speed-step CPU, 13.1” TFT display and a Porticle for use in either portrait or landscape mode.

The Qbe became a New Category of personal computers. Read about the history of tablet compute here .



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