The SpeedTouch 510 comes from a family of ADSL modems of Technicolor (former Alcatel). WeLLDesign determined the product identity and design, the engineering of the casing, and also supervised production in Hong Kong. The SpeedTouch casing has no screws, which makes this mass product easy and fast to assemble.

The result is a well-known product that has been used in most European households.

Alcatel, Speedtouch

Product range

Following up on the SpeedTouch project, Thomson asked WeLLDesign for a conceptual design study for a whole new product range.

– create a strong product identity with a family look across the whole range.
– make sure there are various setups possible
– it should be easy for individuel providers to personalize the modem
– stay within the intended cost price

WeLLDesign developed a series of strong concepts within the determined design boundaries.



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