The product

WeLLDesign has invented the ‘Pressure Cooker’ workshop, the name for a design brainstorm method that became public property soon after its inception. The first Pressure Cooker (that lasted a full week) was held in 1992 for the office furniture companies Assenburg and Aspa (part of Samas Holding) and resulted in the birth of the T-line. This is a universal platform for the frame and legs of furniture that allows the design and development of many variations in form and functionalities and to use high-tech materials at lower cost.

WeLLDesign developed the product including all details. Within six months after the Pressure Cooker workshop the ‘Facility’, first variation on the T-line, came to market. Half a year later this was followed by the ‘Mezzo’. This was then followed by many others with an attractive price/performance ratio, like the ‘E-motion’.


After the take-over of Ahrend by Samas in 2010 production and sales of the T-line was continued, indicating that the economic life cycle of the T.line exceeded 20 years. Ahrend in 2010 werd de productie en verkoop van de T-line voortgezet, waardoor het systeem een economische levenscyclus van ruim 20 jaar heeft bereikt.

The development of T-line is an example of the way that innovation, based on logistic thinking and starting from the end-user’s needs together with an agile approach, can lead to a very successful concept.

In 2003 ging verzekeraar Interpolis als eerst over op de ‘flexplek’. De T-line was de basis en trolleykoffers werden ontwikkeld.



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