WeLLDesign goes one step further! We have welcomed three fantastic new team members: Georges Mutsaerts, Fleur van Heyningen and Luca Petersen. Each with their unique experiences and backgrounds, they are a valuable addition to our team.

First of all, we welcomed Georges Mutsaerts to our team. After successfully graduating in Product Design from the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, he worked at innovative companies such as Muze and Roofer. There he contributed to the development of products such as an electric scooter and 'indestructible' furniture for schools and hospitals. What particularly attracts him to the design profession is the strategic approach to a project and then developing it down to the smallest details. His favorite part of the design process is rapid prototyping: bringing ideas immediately to life and making quick decisions based on them. The diversity and type of projects made him decide to apply at WeLLDesign and he is enjoying it: “The combination of the hands-on approach and the flexible culture makes working at WeLLDesign so much fun. No day is the same!”

In March we also added Luca Petersen to our team. She also studied Product Design at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. After a master's degree in philosophy of science and work experience as a graphic designer, among other things, she started itching to get back to work as a product designer. What mainly attracts her to the design profession is the conceptual part, often the initial phase of a design process. If there is still a lot open and a product can still go in any direction, she is happy. In the first month she already got a good first impression of working at WeLLDesign: “The best thing is working in a small and motivated team and the creativity that is, as it were, interwoven throughout all the work. And not unimportant: the freedom to put your own spin on the work. That suits my working style well.”

Fleur van Heyningen also recently joined our team. After her studies, she gained work experience at various companies, usually in the role of product engineer. She has always worked on projects that brought together technology and design. She has now experienced the full cycle from design to market introduction for several products and she brings that experience with her to WeLLDesign. As a designer, she enjoys the variety of the different design phases the most, and not only in design phases, but also the variety in the type of clients and projects. Her expertise is more than welcome at WeLLDesign and she is enjoying it so far: “What strikes me is the good working atmosphere and the nice team. And the fact that the work is very diverse.”

We are extremely happy to have these three talented designers on board. We can't wait to see what fantastic contributions they will make to our projects.

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