Leas as Lego - Standardization vs. Innovation

The ‘Lean Construction Symposium’ was recently held in The Nederlands for the 3rd time. What was it about and what did it offer to visitors and participants? Here is a short impression.

First and foremost such an event is about exchanging experiences and being inspired. Each year we choose a theme which in this case was ‘LEAN as LOGO’. On the one hand this choice relates to the increasing role of industrialisation in the construction industry, on the other hand it profits from the fact that the host location Saxion offers a real ‘Lego Education Innovation Studio’.

One of the symposium’s objectives was to illustrate that the standardisation caused by industrialisation does not necessarily lead to monotony and uniformity. To put it more strongly: industrialisation – if and when implemented correctly – forms the basis for innovation ! presentatie . workshops.

This idea was also the subject of the keynote presentation by Mathijs van Dijk, CEO of WeLL Design. The partners in this organisation are versed in thinking about investing in a good product design that can be produced simply – they are continually concerned with improving the design. That fits well with what WeLL Design’s thinking and doing excells in. The presentation of van Dijk formed the kick-off for five workshops.

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