By employing a structured process of creating ideas it appears to be possible to develop the ‘logical concept’ for a product or service: the first touch screen mobile phone ever. A condition for success is to be aware of the (long-term) trends and to become free of the pressure of short-term goals.

Ideal typical concept

WeLLDesign came up with a number of concepts for a mobile phone before the first IBM product featuring a touch screen was marketed. WeLLDesign was convinced that the ideal phone would feature a touch screen that could present a keyboard if desired.

Het resultaat was de inleiding tot vele projecten in telecom. Voor o.a. Ericsson, Ascom, DeTeWe, Alcatel en HTC. Voor HTC werden dit de Rosella en Eagle. Zij reflecteren innovatief design,  omdat zij tot de eerste pda’s behoorden met een ingebouwde mobiele telefonie functionaliteit. 

HTC, Rosella, mobiele telefoon
HTC Rosella
HTC, Eagle
HTC Eagle


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