PUBLIC SPACE / WorkaWay® – Outdoor Office

The outdoor office is an idea by Maarten Langen, Director of InfoStop. In close cooperation with InfoStop, WeLL Design designed an outdoor workspace ideal for flex-workers on the go, which responds to the requirements of the modern and mobile way of working.

The WorkaWay® can be rotated, so that the sun never hits the screen. Besides the use of a laptop or smart phone, you can work with an optional screen and keyboard. Optional solar panels provide electricity.

The office unit is suitable for various locations including business parks, car parks, campuses and public transport spots for in-between working, to inspire or to meet other flex-workers.

The WorkaWay® is HR Groep’s latest product in urban furniture and was first presented at ‘Dag van de Openbare Ruimte 2012’ (Day of Public Space 2012) in the town of Houten. There is a lot of interest from businesses and public institutions.

For more information, please contact Mathis Heller