• Red Dot Design Award

    Heras iGATE, 2011 Miscea, best of the best 2009 Polaroid, Webster, I-zone scanner Flamco, Safe Tap, Plug & Play Water Mains Socket Ascom/Nira PCU, Telecare, Communication unit for hospital patients Luderits Licht, Medilux LD 7000

    iF Product Design Award

    HERAS iGATE, 2012 Inventum AquaSpot, 2011 (iF GOLD) BEKO, built-In Oven, 2009 PC Cox Eclipse, sealant applicator, 2009 MISCEA, multifunctional touch-free faucet ROX, cable handling system AXA, Defender RL, bicycle ring lock Draeger, Caddy & Compact Caddy for Oxylog1000/2000 WMN (Vitens), Aqua Booster Aqcess Technologies, Qbe tablet Mobile computer Flamco, Safe tap, Plug & play Water mains socket Grundig, CD storage AEG, Thyrosoft 3 DC, Thyristor control switch Ascom/Nira PCU, Telecare, Communication unit for hospital patients Olsberg, Carat 24, Electric Storage Heater Scantech, The Hunter, Barcode scanner Inventum, Hot water boiler Sara Lee DE, Esprit, Coffee machine (best of category) Oostwoud, Hospital bed Focus Veilig, Hearing protector Deutz, Noise reducing hood Axa Stenman, HR bicycle dynamo Laarhoven Design, Lacet, Exhibition display system Dremefa, Bobike Bicycle seats for children Dremefa, Bobike Bicycle frontseats for children Pelgrim, Built-in oven

    Designpreis Deutschland Draeger, Caddy & CompactCaddy (nominee) MISCEA (nominee)

    Volvo Sports Design Award AXA Defender RL, bicycle ring lock (nominee)

  • GIO Award (Goed Industrieel Ontwerp) HERAS iGATE, special award vormgeving ANIMO OptiBean HISTOR Paintcan Incradible ONE, cradle-to-cradle workplace Inventum AquaSpot, special award ergonomics ABB, consumer unit Aspa, e-Motion, office furniture, Aspa, Mezzo, office furniture Assenburg, Identity, office furniture Assenburg, 2 Act, office furniture BMA ergonomics, Axia, Office chair Web computers int., Web-it, web computer Flamco, safe tap Lite On, LCD monitor Datelnet, bank terminal Scantech, stationary barcode scanner Scantech, barcode scanner Ascom/Nira, Telecare, communication system for hospital patients J.E. Stork-Air CML, domestic ventilation system GTI industrial automation control unit, 19 inch front panels Carpools, system information terminal Inventum, hot water boiler Inventum, transformer Oostwoud, hospital bed Dremefa Bobike, children bicycle seat Dremefa Bobike, children bicycle front seat De Woerd, chain guard Pelgrim, built-in oven Douwe Egberts, Esprit, coffee machine AXA, HR bicycle dynamo Focus Veilig, hearing protector Hartman, RoyalClub, first garden chair made out of polypropylene Alu Art, ventilation grill Laarhoven Design, Lacet, exhibition display system Holland Electro, vacuum cleaner

    Dutch Design Awards   MISCEA, finalist BigBin, Waste container, nominee AXA, Defender RL, selected Ubbink,Paris, decorative skylight, selected Banksys, Xenta, payment terminal, selected Heineken, Rover, beertap system, nominee

    Annual Design Review I.D. Magazine, New York WMN (Vitens), Mobile Aqua booster (Best of category) Westomatic, Coffee Time, coffee machine

    IDEA silver award Aqcess Technologies, Qbe, mobile digital assistant   IDEA bronze award ROX, cable handling system

  • DesignPlus+ Ruhrgas, Gas cooker